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These cartoon series is about a family of pigs living on a hill going on daily life of fun and adventures from playtime to bedtime.


newborn baby sheep is born to To Mums Peppa and Suzy much later peppa shows new friend Betty the pic of newborn baby Sheep

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Rachel Rabbit is Rebecca Rabbit's twin sister in imaginePeppaPig. 

Very cheerful. Her favorite food are carrots, and she loves to play with her sister Rebecca Rabbit, and her brother Richard Rabbit.

Her and her sister Rebecca Rabbit are mostly same, they both like jumping up and down in muddy puddles and both are quite shy, and they both have carrot dollies, but Rachel does not really think of herself about a "big girl" unlike Peppa Pig says. Her best friend is obviously Rebecca Rabbit, her sister.

"She's very mature and smart for her age, she is also really friendly and is very cooparitive"

-Madam Gazelle about Rachel's personality in playgroup

"We both would like carrots!" They both go red while the other children laugh.

-Rachel and Rebecca telling Father Christmas what they want for Christmas

Danny Dog has a bit of a liking for Rachel.

Rachel is a bit like Edmund Elephant, Emily Elephant's little brother.

Rachel is a lot more mature than the other kids, mostly Peppa. She would play with Richard Rabbit, and does not say that she is "too old for his toys" or stuff.

Rachel is very smart like Edmund.

Rachel is very good at singing and gymnastics.


She wears a purple long sleeved dress with a heart designed on it.

She wears purple shoes. Her raincoat is bright blue

She is sometimes shown wearing a hot pink ribbon on her head.

Rachel Rabbit (Rebecca's twin sis)

Rachel Rabbit

Full name: Rachel Rabbit

Other names: Cute (by Danny Dog)

Sissy (by Richard Rabbit)

Smart bunny (by Daddy Pig)

Kid (Simon Squirell)

Soulmate (by Edmund Elephant) Relatives: Rebecca Rabbit (twin sister)Richard Rabbit (Little brother)Mummy Rabbit (Mother)Daddy Rabbit (Father)Miss Rabbit (Aunt)Rosy and Robbie (twin siblings)  Likes: Singing, Sharing, carrots, playing, color purple, Danny Dog (possible crush), gymnastics, math, learning  Dislikes: Being called smart bunny (by Daddy Pig), Wet socks, grades other than A's, soccer, being called "kid" (by Simon Squirell)